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The confidentiality policy is a serious matter for the company airtrips®. A real confidentiality policy is applied to all products, services and websites represented by the the company airtrips®. We cooperate with the company GeoTrust to provide data security while using our services. The application is certified on the basis of international standards that allow you to enter your private data in a safe regime. GeoTrust provides necessary services on security and certification.


All information entered into the airtrips® system by users are automatically coded for provision of safety and they can be read by the airtrips® system. Your name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail are necessary information for authorization in our system. The data of your credit card are saved in the airtrips® system. We follow all safety protocols of transactions between a customer and the bank.


Your data used in the moment of booking and buying at the airtrips® Website are saved in our system for booking process and contacting you if needed. Your data are not disclosed to the third parties excluding employees of the company, services of which You choose.


It is our aim to see You satisfied with our services.


Distribution of informational offers and notifications through e-mail or sms is realized only by Your consent, and You may refuse the service any time.


Have a pleasant journey!



* Conditional units are defined on the currency used by a customer and are calculated at the exchange rate of the bank at the time of payment.